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Welcome to Aaka's Place

What is an "Aaka"?

It is your Mema, Grandma, or G-Ma. whatever you call her, she is special. Going to Aaka's Place was such a wonderful experience for me as a child. My Aaka is my inspiration for developing my small baked goods and soon to be coffee/food truck filled with Indigenous coffees, teas, & a bit of my cultures comfort foods. I hope you enjoy my qaqqiamiks (Iñupiat doughnuts) as much as I do. 


Best Sellers

Indulge in Irresistible Delights: Explore Our Best Sellers Collection

A Decade of Crafting Inupiat Comfort, One Doughnut at a Time

Inspired by the rich traditions of her Aaka and mother, Myra's journey began a decade ago with a vision for Aaka's Place. Aaka's Place, fondly known as "Niġisa" or "Let's Eat" in Iñupiaq, welcomes you to savor authentic Indigenous comfort foods, creating a warm and inviting space where cultural heritage and culinary delight intertwine.



 At our Indigenous style catering, we offer the most delicious and authentic dishes that will make you say "Nigisi" (Let's eat!). Our menu is carefully crafted to provide a unique culinary experience that will leave your guests wanting more. Contact us today to learn more about our catering services.

Appetizer themed

Create a delicious and visually appealing charcuterie board with our bite-sized options. No need for forks, just grab and enjoy! Perfect for any occasion, impress your guests with our selection of proteins, veg, and accompaniments.

Plated & Proper

Are you hosting a fancy dinner party and want to impress your guests with proper table etiquette?  Request an elegant spread, your guests will feel like royalty as they dine in style.

Village buffet

Remember those village potlucks from childhood? The ones with all the comfort foods you know and love? The smell of hot doughnuts & tuutu soup, the taste of homemade mac & potato salads and the warmth of fresh baked rolls? Time to bring back those nostalgic flavors and create new memories with your loved ones. Let's recreate those classic dishes and make them even better.

Indigenous Charcuterie Boxes

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